Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our operating system, machine analogy makes sense.

During a recent flight with Air Canada, I came across this intriguing article in the in-flight magazine. Basically, ever since I was a child and I was asking those never ending series of why’s, a notion that never stood up in front of me was that we only use a really small percentage of our brains. I heard any number between 3 and 10. I even heard that Einstein used 15% of his brain. Obviously he’s a genius, the rest are sleeping by comparison. Now I don’t want to start an argument on this, even if I know people that could testify that ex’s brain was probably never in danger of being used at all.

The interesting idea that Christopher Dewdney in his “Total Recall – Is “cybermemory” making our memory obsolete? A provocative look at the very human act of remembering.” puts in my head (not as literally as he is suggesting there, there is no prosthetic extension of my mind) is that we are, in fact using the entire brain.

We are using the entire brain just like the computer uses the resources available. For anything to work, you need an OS (operating system) to make everything work. The OS has a basic API (interfaces to the hardware) which is born with. On this basic set of interfaces, all utilities are built to make the entire system run smoothly, either by being developed or acquired.

In fact, we can even distinguish between OS’es and we do so every given day. The OS, though, is running so smoothly that you only measure the loads coming from other processes, and you’re using tools provided by the OS to do so. It might even have redundancy built-in. It’s possible that it evolved, that newer versions are being born every day.

So, in fact, our brain is not supposed to be used at 100%, the OS needs a good machine to run on and to make running. Now that makes sense! Just load your computer to 100%, or 75 … it’ll be so slow, it’ll even give the wrong answer and the system might also need to be reset.

You take it from here, to me, that article made a world of difference.

I got myself out THERE

Well, this shall be my first blog entry in YEARS. Why is that ? Because the hardest thing when you're writing is to get started. I think that you improve as you type even if you don't realize that until you've completed your twentieth column and look back to your earliest fear of putting your thoughts out there.

Here we go, breaking the ice, this is my first entry folks and I'm trying to make a connection.
My name is Bogdan and I always wanted to call the links I made with other people as Bynapses. It's so dull but it's so me. A synapse is a connection, having alot of them makes you smart. A Bynapse shall be a smart connection at a larger scale.

This being said, I got myself out there on and I'll make it a good one.
Here I'll speak more about the mundane part of cyberlife. I'm trying to set an example, get more people out there (really, I was petrified before I started it) as it only takes one moment and it might change your life.

I'll keep you updated on how this quest is unfolding for me and I'll tell you when is the best time to check the Bynapse space as It'll feature everything you need to get going on the net.
I am a programmer so I'll be posting tech stuff here too, don't hate me for that, think of it as the DARK SIDE (if your not a techie)
So, there we go, I'm here and I wish to stay.

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What are we blogging about ?

The first question that comes to mind, and probably the most anguishing one, is : What am I going to blog about ? After visiting tons of blogs where all you can see is pictures and.. Nothing really (is it ?) you start getting it. Well, it's about you.. About your passions (plural if you have more) so .. It’s like a Seinfeld episode: it's about nothing, but it's so you.

You may argue that you're starting a blog about writing code in C# and that's something ... Well more power to you ! I believe that, in the end, you're following your passion and that's the most important thing. Write for the community you create and not for the thing you believe in, and you're gone, just like in a relationship, your blog is true as long as you're true to it (and yourself).

I love the internet, communication, affiliate programs, web design, home renovation, opportunities to give your kid a brighter future, and ... C# programming too. I also posted answers on MSDN forums helping Delphi developers develop on Microsoft technologies. So what would be my deepest passion ? Well, it's called family. I posted a video of my son (Andrei) doing his Magic Show on youtube (click here to check it out) and it's intended mainly for the family. But I can't say it did not cross my mind that Spielberg will watch that and my son will be in the next BATMAN movie.. as younger Robin or something ... Yep, dreaming you say. And you may be wrong.

So what's in here ? Why should you come back ? Subscribe to the RSS and you'll find out. It's all about life, the way it is.

Leave your thoughts here too, will you ?